August 24, 2016


CNES contributed to the Solar Orbiter mission funding through its obligatory contribution to the ESA programme and directly through the national programme for the instruments and the MEDOC centre participation.

Solar Orbiter is commanded from ESOC in Germany. There, the Solar Orbiter experimenters are able to display on their workstations the images and measurements that are being produced by their instruments.

Solar Orbiter Organization
Solar Orbiter Organization

Participations Supported by CNES

The RPW instrument has a French PI (M. Maksimovic - LESIA). The SWA & EUI instruments have French Co-PIs (respectively Ph. Louarn CESR/IRAP & Thierry Appourchaux - IAS). The French scientific participations supported by CNES can be summed up as follows:

  • IAS:
    • Th. Appourchaux(EUI Co-PI and SO/PHI Co-I and SPICE Co-I),
    • F. Auchère (EUI Co-I).
  • LAM:
    • P. Lamy (METIS experiment Co-I),
  • LESIA:
    • M. Maksimovic (RPW experiment PI),
    • N. Vilmer (STIX experiment Co-I).
  • SAp/CEA:
    • O. Limousin (STIX experiment Co-I).
  • IRAP:
    • Ph. Louarn (SWA experiment Co-I).
  • LPC2E:
    • Vladimir Krasnoselskikh (RPW/SCM experiment Co-I).
  • LPP:
    • M. Berthomier (SWA/EAS experiment Co-I),
    • Th. Chust (RPW/TNR experiment Co-I).